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you could call me at 2am and i wouldnt mind but if you call me at 7am in the morning i will rip your insides out

Anonymous asked:
Looking for a racing sheep, over 23 hands, must be fast, in Portland area (Budget of 200,000)


Anonymous asked:
I love love love saddlebred horses. I think saddlebred blogs get unnecessary hate because all that some people know about gaited horses is big lick TWH, which sucks. My aunt used to show Morgans:)


Yeah, I get waves of anon hate every now and then, and I wish people didn’t associate saddleseat with Big Lick just because we use similar tack. A lot of the confusion, I think, is because saddleseat is very regional and there are a lot of equestrians on here from Europe and other places where saddleseat isn’t well-known. I’m always happy to educate as long as people who want to know more approach me with an open mind and are willing to challenge their preconceived notions

This. I catch so much shit because people don’t know the difference between what I do, and the TWH Big Lick.

Do a god damn google search people.






every rider should have this on their blog

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a melhor | via Tumblr itt: We Heart It.

my timing is. not the best
My haul from the #reichertcelebration with #wrgoldrush !! Boy-o did good! #arabian #arabianhorse #horseshow #saddleseat #sidesaddle #medals #first #second #third #fourth #six #weretoocoolforfifth