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This is Merrill Harvey, an Asian-American pony jumper. :)

That horse is p much the personification of ‘nyoom!’

Its a miracle we could get her looking this alert
Graduation 2014

The struggle to get ears forward is real.


have my first lesson at the new barn tomorrow on one of her sales horses

plz pray i don’t ride like crap


I’ve been laughing for 20 years

firelord obama leads the fire nation’s first strike
Anonymous asked:
Hey there! I just got a miniature horse gelding, he has a really large belly and it's really tight (like drum tight), he's not FAT though because look can faintly see his ribs and his top line sticks out, so I'm thinking he probably has worms. I haven't been able to find what dewormers to use and when. (I live in Oregon). Do you think you and/or your followers could help me. Because I really want to get that taken care of, and start getting him cleaned up/in shape. Any other tips? Thanks!!!!!!!!


I like Ivermectin, Pyrantel, Moxidectin, and Fenbendazole (you can find all on Smartpak, I believe). Usually I rotate through them depending on what I have on hand. You should do a worming treatment at least once every spring and autumn, and the rest of the deworming program should be based upon location and the horse’s own resistance to parasites….2-4 times a year is usually enough, but if your mini is less resistant you may want to do a rotating treatment every 2 months or so. For the summer months use a treatment for roundworm and and redworm, for spring/autumn try a treatment for tapeworm and roundworm, and during the winter use a dewormer aimed at redworm and roundworm. Sorry if this is kind of jumbled up haha, I’m super tired for some reason….hope it makes sense, good luck! :)

Ivermectin is the god of horse dewormers and p much a catch all from what I understand


sometimes i feel like people with a whole lot of followers see a good post by someone without a whole lot of followers and go 

i’m gonna make you famous

me: i love [favorite fictional character] so much
friend: ok
me: no you dont understand

"Martha, just no. No. No put that child down we already have yours."

— George Washington, probably (via i-cant-even-function)